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We specialize in water fed window cleaning, block management window cleaning, building cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, frames and sills cleaning.

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Areas covered are Goffs Oak , Cuffley, Brookmans Park, Hadley Wood, Potters Bar, Cockfosters, Broxbourne, Hertford and surrounding areas.

How the cleaning process works

Water is first purified removing all the minerals and impurities that are present in our everyday water. This is then fed up through the water fed poles and sprayed onto the glass. The brush then loosens the dirt and grime which is absorbed and flushed away by the stream of pure water. Because no detergent is used, windows don't get greasy and stay cleaner for longer. The glass is simply rinsed again and left to dry naturally. Glass is left spotless and streak free.

If you have previously had a traditional window cleaner who uses detergent, it may initially take up to 2 cleans with the pure water window cleaning method before windows appear completely spotless and streak free. This is because detergent leaves a film of grease on the windows.

Domestic work

Window cleaning

CJL cleaning services uses Water fed window cleaning poles which gives an efficient, effective and safe method to clean windows. Water fed window cleaning poles are an excellent way to comply with the new government regulations for window cleaners. We use telescopic window cleaning poles which means they can be extended to reach windows up to 65ft above ground level.

Conservatory cleaning

When the beautiful weather arrives you want to enjoy your conservatory in its best light. Our conservatory window cleaning operatives will make your glass roof sparkle and let in more light as they remove mildew, mould, drip marks and bird droppings from your conservatory.

Fascia & soffit cleaning

We clean uPVC fascia boards, soffits, awnings or any difficult to reach plastic cladding using our pure water pole system. If you want to restore the vibrancy to your property, you can book a one off clean or arrange a regular discounted service.

Pure water window cleaning done by CJL services

Very safe and effective cleaning

Commercial work

Block Management Window Cleaning

If you own or manage a block of properties, then you know the challenge of keeping up with the maintenance on a regular basis, window cleaning is just one of the services that you need to provide to keep your tenants happy.

Block Management Window Cleaning

We specialise in Mansion flats, Converted Victorian houses and Purpose built blocks, but do get in touch if you want to talk to us about any requirement for this particular window cleaning service.

Call us to discuss your need and we would be more than happy to serve you.

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Our company

CJL cleaning services is a Hertfordshire based company.

We are honest, professional and respectful and provide a high quality, reliable and affordable service.

We have been in service for the last 6 years and have created a very good reputation with our customers because of our highly reliable and professional service.

We are highly skilled in our work and at the same time very affordable, which is a rare combination. Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly and reliable window cleaning service using highly trained staff.

Our staff is fully trained and experienced

Areas covered - Goffs Oak , Cuffley, Brookmans Park, Hadley Wood, Potters Bar, Cockfosters, Broxbourne, Hertford and surrounding areas

Call us - 01992 304033, 07956 140789

The advantages of using water fed window cleaning poles -

Fully complies with health & safety laws

Using telescopic window cleaning poles eliminates the need for ladders

Water fed window cleaning poles reach all previously inaccessible windows

Environmentally friendly – no chemicals means reduced impact on the environment

Cleans frames aswell as glass

Reduced disturbance to residents and maintains privacy

Minimises damage to buildings

Reaches up to 65ft

Spotless and streak-free

Protects flowerbeds and lawns

water fed pole

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