For brighter cleaner windows

How it works

Our reach and wash window cleaning system uses completely pure water which is free from all minerals, pumped through a special hose and up a carbon fibre pole with a special brush head.

Dirt and grime is loosened by the brush and as no detergent is used, windows don’t get greasy and stay cleaner for longer. The glass is simply rinsed again and left to dry naturally, leaving the glass spotless and streak free and the length of the pole enables us to clean most normally unreachable windows.

Because the water used is put through a special filtration process it means that even after your windows have finished being rinsed the water will continue working by releasing any built up dirt and once dried it leaves extremely shiny windows and a spotless finish.

If you have previously had a traditional window cleaner who uses detergent, it may initially take up to two cleans before windows appear completely spotless and streak free due to the film of grease that detergent cleaning leaves behind.


Our ladderless window cleaning system is the safest and most effective way of cleaning windows as all work is carried out from the ground.


    Keeping the presentation of your business premises clean tells your customers you are professional, helping you retain existing new customers and attract new ones.​

    Our system leaves a clear finish and also leaves your windows, doors and handles sterile, helping combat the spread of costly viruses.

      General Services

      Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

      We clean uPVC fascia boards, soffits, awnings, gutters or any difficult to reach plastic cladding using our pure water pole system. 


      Conservatory Cleaning

      We provide a deep clean service to refurbish your conservatory providing great results.

      Solar Panels

      It is vital to keep your solar panels free from dust and dirt in order for them to work at optimum efficiency, absorbing as much light as possible.


      Garage Doors

      Patio jet washing

      Fascia & Soffit Cleaning